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Wecome to


This site was installed using Github version 7.03.00. It can be downloaded here: Github Afterwards the following issues have been found and corrected: 1 - Contact form does not hide e-mail when hide e-mail for public is set to on.This is no issue.(not fixed yet). 2 - Flag on Language panel not lined out.(Fixed) 3 - Setup.php adapted to use mysqli so install can be carried out using PHP 7.(Fixed) 4 - mysql_functions_include.php adapted to mysqli so site can be run under PHP 7(Fixed) 5 - When opening Forum page, text in header shows HOME in stead of FORUM. Thus is becuase forum link is forum/index.php, but the query searches for index.php, which name is home in theme/header.php. This is an error of the used theme (not fixed yet) 6 - Download.php was adding a div to many, so it was ruining the bootstrap theme.(Fixed) 7 - Corrected theme header was loading obsolete CSS files.(Fixed) 8 - Corrected downloads admin line break added.(Fixed) 9 - Email templates had error in tab menu but has still an error in multilanguage works only in english. (Fixed) 10 - System is overwriting existing Htaccess file! (Fixed) 11 - Editing existing weblinks was not working.(Fixed) 12 - Registration system is not working. (Fixed) 13 - Submitting downloads, attachtment is not comming thru. (not fixed yet) 14- Entry in error log when accessing admin user panel. (Fixed) 15- Edit profile user fields are repeating in every category. (Fixed) With thanks to afoster: 16- Entry in error log from login.php.(Fixed) With thanks to Harlekin: 17- Images not showing in Admin dashboard..(Fixed) 18- Class have the same name as the function.(Fixed) 19- in administration/settings_security.php is a problem with openform(...)(Fixed) 20- security image do not work(Fixed) 21- unactivated bbcodes do not display(Fixed) 22- infusions can not install(Fixed) 23-user ban system for users do not work correct(not fixed yet) 24-locale change make navigation links double(not fixed yet)